Tibet Flag Emoji

Tibet Flag emoji among other world flags

It’s sad when your national flag isn’t in the list of flag emojis. Out of that despair was born this emoji. Tibet Flag Emoji Tibet Flag Emoji Tibet Flag Emoji

Feel free to use it in your projects. The original vector image of the flag was obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

10 Replies to “Tibet Flag Emoji”

  1. Hi Tenzing!

    I was interested in this emoji for a project I am working on and would love to speak to you about it. Do email me back if you are interested.


  2. Hi Tenzin Gaychey! Can you please tell me how to install your Tibetan flag emoji to my phone?

    I tried copying the emoji and pasting it to a comment on YouTube, but when the comment is posted, instead of displaying the Tibetan flag emoji, only an http link to the image appears.

    I would appreciate an email reply from you. Thank you very much.

    1. Hey Cathy, this is just a PNG image file. You cannot use this on Youtube since it isn’t a part of the approved emojis. I’ve made this so people can use it on their websites or app developers can use it in their apps.

  3. Hi Tenzing,
    how did you manage to get the three emojis look like emoji of the Tibet flag??? I want to use it as an Emoji to keep reminding people of what should not be forgotten.
    Thanks for your help
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Christian,

      The three emojis of the flag that you see in the post are actually not emojis. They’re just three images that I’ve shrunk to make it look like emojis. 😅

    2. Dear Christian
      Im looking forward as well to use the emoji asap.
      Its not more than normal and ethical to respect the humanrights.
      Thanks for your big support with this issue.
      Wbrgds Elisa

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